Office Tower

Produced while employed at Morphosis

Project Role: Visualization




Excerpt from Morphosis Design Statement:
The MFBoard Tower explores the notion of dual activation. The typical tapered crown of a high-rise building suggests exclusivity and prestige. Naturally it serves as an icon of heightened activity and exchange. By mirroring the apex towards the street, the MFBoard Tower wears two crowns instead of one. The doublecrowned tower maintains the critical programming of a typical high-rise building at the upper levels while using its mirrored apex to engage the street. Just as the original capstone facilitated social exchange and gathering, this reflected icon activates the lower urban landscape with communal programming and public space. The scheme thus allows the MFBoard Tower to simultaneously serve as a symbol of Casablanca-Anfa's exciting development and as a social node that connects the tower back to its urban context.

Metro Crossing



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The Big Meeting