Architecture has the potential to create profound change in the world. At PUBLIC we design and visualize places and spaces that set a course for what we see as a better future for all. One that is environmentally concious, economically viable, encouraging of health and wellness, and focussed on human experience. Architecture is the stage where culture evolves. It is our job to help set the stage for a positive evolution.

PUBLIC was founded by Joshua Sprinkling in 2013 . His cross disciplinary background has taken him in and out of the world of architectural design, visualization, film, art, and visual effects. Joshua holds a Masters of Architecture from SCI-Arc. Preceding the formation of PUBLIC, Joshua's professional roles include designer and director of visualization at Morphosis Architects, visual effects and pre-viz artist at Cantina Creative, as well as guest lecturer and critic at USC, SCI-Arc, Woodbury University, and Cal-Poly.